Energy-Saving Incentives For Businesses

Lighting can account for a high percentage of energy use in any building.

Lighting can be your highest business energy cost – and your greatest opportunity for savings. Reducing heat output from your lighting can also reduce your air conditioning costs. Without proper lighting, productivity, safety, security and overall aesthetics can be compromised. Good lighting design contributes to employee comfort and health, which in turn can result in greater productivity.

Improve your business’ energy efficiency, and save.

Energy saving incentives provide commercial customers, small industrial sites and residential stratas (common areas only) with incentives for an eligible energy efficient retrofit.

BC Hydro offers a variety of programs to help you improve your business’ energy efficiency, including incentives for making energy-efficient upgrades and opportunities to learn from experts.

Metcalfe Lighting can help you determine your need to retrofit or replace your existing lighting.

When an existing luminaire is modified by replacing inefficient lamps and ballasts or adding reflectors, this would be considered retrofitting lighting. This may be a more cost effective solution when compared to removing and installing a new, full energy-efficient luminaire.

Your business can save up to 70% in energy savings

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