At Metcalfe Lighting, we work to understand your business’s goals, and follow through with our dedication to
quality installation and service on every lighting project in British Columbia.

Commercial & Industrial Signage

Metcalfe services range from new custom built signage, signage revamping/alterations, upgrade/retrofit existing signage to LED and lastly providing full service maintenance of all LED, Neon or Fluorescent signage.

LED Lighting Supply and Installation

Recommending the best LED Lighting for your facility with installation services.

(Ask one our experts if you qualify for the BC hydro Business Energy Savings Incentives program)

EV Charging Station Supply & Install

Book a free consultation with us now and have our experts come out to site to do a preliminary assessment and from there we can  provide a package proposal. (Don’t forget to ask one our experts about the BC hydro EV Charger rebate program)

Custom Built Poles/Bases/Brackets

Whether it’s a damaged pole/bracket needing repair or if you are looking to add for so security cameras or lighting purposes Metcalfe can supply and/or Install  from start to finish.

Seasonal & Other Scope of Services

Reach out for any seasonal lighting(Christmas, special events)

Tree Trimming

Power Washing Signs/Awning

 Metcalfe Lighting

Your business can save up to
70% in energy savings.

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