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Commercial Lighting

For any workspace, lighting can not only change the way a space looks, but also affect how people within an area perform.

Professional installation and maintenance of lighting can dramatically change the feeling of any space and significantly increase the ergonomic comfort of those around. For outdoor commercial lighting solutions, Metcalfe Lighting has the experience you need to plan a safe and appealing business frontage.

Metcalfe Lighting has been servicing the Vancouver area with full service commercial lighting planning, installations and repairs for over 25 years.

To provide you with exceptional commercial lighting and industrial lighting solutions in the Lower Mainland Area, Metcalfe Lighting offers installations and repairs for all types of lighting:

Auto Dealership Lighting

Retrofit LED outdoor lighting will ensure, from front row to service bay, your car dealership lot is brilliantly and evenly illuminated


Office Lighting

With the push towards sustainable, green buildings, the right lighting also supports sustainability goals while improving the working environment for those in the office.


Parking Lot Lighting

Business everywhere are upgrading to LED lighting in their parking lot and multi-level facilities. Let Metcalfe Lighting help you upgrade your systems.


Warehouse Lighting

Because lighting can account for up to 80% of a warehouse’s energy bill, it’s critical that lighting be as efficient and cost effective as possible.