Lighting Audits / Energy Analysis

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Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades &
Design Audits in British Columbia

Let Metcalfe Lighting perform an energy audit on your British Columbia facility. By performing an audit of your business or commercial space, Metcalfe Lighting can provide you with your energy usage and give you a complete estimate on how to either plan a new lighting environment, or convert to energy efficient options. By using our service you can save energy and reduce operating costs, and at the same time improve and maintain your workplace environment.

From commercial businesses, industrial, hospitality, medical and governmental clients in BC, we have the latest energy efficient upgrades and retrofits to conserve energy and lower expenses.

Think of it this way, a 10 percent drop in energy costs for many commercial properties can generate a net profit by as much as 16 percent. And, for a major chain store for instance, a 10 percent reduction in operating costs could yield tens of millions of dollars in added profit.

Metcalfe Lighting’s experts in British Columbia have been upgrading commercial lighting system that make an immediate difference for over 25 years. You’ll also be creating avenues for increased sales because of the creation of a more pleasing shopping and working environment.

What is an Energy Audit?

Our experts carefully and thoroughly evaluate your facility. This process by Metcalfe Lighting's energy professionals will normally take 1-2 hours to finish. Afterwards, we'll supply you with a detailed information that includes recommended energy improvements and information on any BC Hydro incentives available.

From energy evaluations and audits, lighting retrofits, outdoor security lighting, new construction lighting to energy efficient electrical systems, contact the experts at Metcalfe Lighting for all your energy efficient upgrades and design audits.

Your business can save up to 70% in energy savings


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