Signage Is The First Impression For Your Business

With over 25 years of experience, Metcalfe Lighting is your Vancouver sign repair expert, specializing in upgrading,  installing and maintaining all electric signs.

We can provide you with professional and experienced service throughout the Greater Vancouver Area for all your signage needs. With a full service bucket truck, we can maintain all electric signs for your business with just one phone call. Metcalfe can ensure the electrical signage of your business is bright, effective and cost effective.

Metcalfe  provides fast service to ensure your commercial signage looks clean and professional. From beginning to end Metcalfe  can walk you through the planning, ordering and installation of your new sign. We offer competitive pricing for LED Signage and repairs on Fluorescent, or Neon  signage throughout the Vancouver area, call for an estimate and/or pricing today!

Already have a sign, but need some help? Metcalfe  can maintain and repair your existing sign in the Greater Vancouver Area.

For all of your commercial signage needs, Metcalfe  provides full service installation and maintenance of LED, Fluorescent, and Neon signage to the Lower Mainland.

Our team specializes in :

  • Channel Letter Signage
  • Backlit & Front-lit  Logo Box Signage
  • Fascia & Sign-ban Signage
  • Neon Interior/Exterior Signage
  • Under Canopy & Awning Signage
  • Power Wash Cleaning for All Signage Types
  • BC Hydro Power Smart incentives for LED signage conversions

If you require a new  sign or maintenance of an existing sign, contact the Vancouver signage specialists today!

Neon Signs

Neon signs can be exposed or behind channel lettering for very different retro, modern or traditional looks.

To increase traffic to your storefront, Metcalfe Signs can plan and install an attractive neon sign to meet your outdoor advertising needs. Contact your Vancouver sign experts for an estimate on your new sign today.

If you currently have an electric sign that requires maintenance, a Vancouver sign expert should be called to properly ensure your sign is running at the highest quality and safety standards. Contact Metcalfe Signs today!

Channel Letters

Channel letter signage can create a clean and professional look by individually illuminating each letter.

There are a variety of channel letter styles available; each display produces a unique look, to meet your signage needs, Metcalfe offers:

  • Standard Channel Letters
  • Reverse Channel Letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters
  • Front & Backlit Channel Letters

Metcalfe has experience with LED upgrades, and  repairs of all types and channel letter signage for over 25 years. Contact the Vancouver signage professionals today!

Fascia and Pylon Signs

Fascia signage is for free standing business properties clearly visible to the public. The fascia of a building is the vertical section of the building just below the roof.

Pylon Signage  also known as  freestanding sign are attached  on a pole and separate to the  building or structure. Since they are typically mounted higher in the air than monument signs, pole signs offer excellent visibility from a distance. For example, you would see a pylon sign at the entrance to  a mall front with the list of vendors.

Contact us for more information on fascia and pylon signs.

Awning Signs

Awning Signs are for the front of any business. Often times it’s a preference over fascia signage.

For the most part awning signs are illuminated by under head lighting. For the majority of instances, awnings are illuminated by fluorescent lighting unless changed over to LED. The rare case you will find HID lighting under the canopy.

To increase traffic to your storefront, you want to ensure your awning has well underhead lighting,  kept clean throughout the year as dirt and grime can build up blocking the light from fully illuminating, and more importantly, the awning design stands out.

Metcalfe offers not just LED lighting upgrades for awnings, but we also provide power wash cleaning maintenance throughout the year. and of course, do custom new build/rebuild awnings.

If you currently have an awning sign that requires cleaning or lighting maintenance, a Metcalfe sign expert should be called to properly ensure your sign is looking well lit and brand new. Contact Metcalfe Lighting today!

Retrofitting from Neon to LED

2013 Mr. Lube Neon To LED Upgrade

Retrofitting From Fluorescent to LED

2019 The Church of Coqtuilam Lighting Upgrade

Brand New Custom LED Sign Projects

2016 Hagar’s Liquor Store Custom Channel Letter Sign Project 


2019 Hagar’s Liquore Store & 1st Cannabis Custom Channel Letter Sign Re-model


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