Project Description

The Project

Jonker Honda hired Metcalfe Lighting to upgrade their obsolete metal halide fixtures with high efficiency Solid State LED on their exterior dealership and metal halide and fluorescent fixtures within their interior showroom, offices & mezzanine & parts department, which will slash power consumption, virtually eliminate maintenance and pay dividends to their dealership’s bottom line for years to come.

Jonker Honda in Langley, BC is an early sustainability champion among auto dealerships regarding the use of LED technology to greatly reduce their business operations global CO2 emissions which will also reward them with decades of significant savings from their facilities operations costs.

The Solution

Total LED Lighting Upgrade Project Estimates (Calculated @ 4300 Operational Hours)

Old System                    New System

72,285 WATTS            23,060 WATTS 

325,282.5 kWh                103,770 kWh

CO2 Emissions Removed = 184.5 Tons *Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions factor assumptions during system operation life.

Annual Energy Savings (Lighting) = $22970.80

Annual Energy Savings (HVAC/Air Conditioning) = $1284.84
*LED Lighting produces less heat.

Annual Maintenance Savings = $8,500+

Estimated Project Payback From Operation Savings & Energy Efficiency Rebate = Under 3 years

Done properly, an LED lighting upgrade allows for the fastest return on investment (ROI);

Workplace Wellness, Increased Productivity, Reduction in Operating Costs & Carbon Emissions.

Jonker Honda – Jonker Auto Group.

19515 Langley Bypass
Surrey, British Columbia
Canada, V3S 6K1

Project Details

Commercial Lighting
Energy Conservation
LED Lighting