Making an informed decision when transitioning your business’s lighting system to energy saving LED lighting:

I was driving by an auto dealer today and noticed that they have retrofitted their existing metal halide fixtures, meaning they replaced the metal halide bulbs and ballast with LEDs but kept the same enclosures.

LED Retrofit – replaced the bulbs and ballast with LEDs but kept the same enclosure

It appears that the project was recently completed, however, each of the 60 LED boards had failing modules. I feel it is important for the consumer to understand why this happened. Companies installing less expensive LED Retrofit kits/bulbs are expecting lower electric bills and LEDs that last a long time. Unfortunately, they will become disappointed when these short cuts do not to measure up to “purpose built” LED fixture’s operational lifetime.

Purpose Built LED Fixture

The purpose built fixtures that you see for LEDs are just that, purpose built. The outer cast aluminum housings double as heavy heat sinks to conduct heat from the chip board to the cooling ribs on the outer fixture shell. This will ensure your LED lights last for many maintenance free years.

In order to receive a rebate from BC Hydro, your LED system must be installed by a BC Hydro alliance company with approved fixtures. This is why BC Hydro will not offer a rebate for LEDs that are retrofitted into this type of old fixture. A BC Hydro rebate will save you thousands of dollars on your project and ensures you are using an efficient DLC (Design Light Consortium) approved product.

Metcalfe Lighting is a BC Hydro Alliance company. We ensure that only LED fixtures which meet or exceed the DLC premium certification requirements are installed.

While you may receive a variety of quotes for your LED transition project, be informed about the product you will be receiving.

In summary, look out for the following:

  • Is the installation company a BC Hydro Alliance member? (ask for PIN code for
    confirmation and verify online)
  • Is the company you choose installing purpose built LED fixtures?
  • Observe CRI (Colour Rendering Index) Example; similar to viewing HD TV versus regular TV
    LPW efficiency (Lumens per Watt) which can vary from less than 80 LPW to more that 130 LPW resulting in a further 3040% reduction in your hydro bill.
  • How long and who will provide the warranty? Does it include labour and parts?
  • How long has the company been in business?

Ensure only qualified electricians are installing your LED system

Contact an LED Lighting expert today for more information on LED Lighting and the best solution for your application.