How to calculate energy savings for lighting only: A step-by-step guide

Lighting-only energy savings is essentially the money you save from the simple wattage reduction when switching to more efficient lighting products. A “lighting-only” number is a good place to start because it is the most conservative savings calculation in a lighting retrofit and it represents the bulk of the savings you will capture on most retrofit [...]

LED Lighting and the Bottom Line

There are a number of studies in the 90s that have covered the subject of lighting and workplace productivity. These findings are widely known but it pre-dates current high-performance LEDs. Frequently mentioned productivity killers are: lack of focused light, uncontrollable brightness, and mood inhibitors caused by unnatural color temperatures. Much of the recent research continues [...]

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Free Lighting Audit

An LED Lighting upgrade for your business not expensive, it's probably the most effective cost cutting measure your business will implement. There is NO catch here folks! It's hard to understand that at a time were companies are cutting costs and implementing fancy "lean six sigma" programs, one of the most easiest and effective cost [...]

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