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LED light safer, more effective in producing Vitamin D3 than sunlight.

LED lights safer, more effective in producing Vitamin D3 than sunlight PUBLIC RELEASE: 13-SEP-2017 | Boston University School of Medicine Research published in Scientific Reports supported by Boston University School of Medicine: LED lights safer, more effective in producing Vitamin D3 than sunlight. Research published today in Scientific Reports shows that light from RayVio's 293nm ultraviolet (UV) [...]

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US Dept Of Energy: LED lighting will slash energy usage by 5.1 quads in 2035

The US Department of Energy has issued a biennial research update on the impact of LED-based lighting in general illumination applications and said SSL technology will be responsible for a 75% reduction in 2035.   The US Department of Energy (DOE) has published the 2016 edition of its biennial report entitled "Energy savings forecast [...]

5 Steps for Guaranteeing the Best LED Retrofit or Upgrade

Rapid growth in LED technology has brought good news for energy managers in industrial facilities, as they have more options than ever before in planning a facility LED retrofit. Finding high-quality fixtures that reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs is easier today than it was several years ago. The bad news is that [...]

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Is wasting energy a top priority at your business?

Wasting energy, would your company invest in a project with zero return? When a company decides to delay an energy cost reduction project like upgrading an obsolete energy sucking lighting system to LED (wait, nobody makes such decisions... do they?), sophisticated managers of the 21st Century usually proclaim that an “energy cost reduction project [...]

LEDs winning light race to save energy, the environment

Today's LED Lighting fixtures have a much greater edge over fluorescent lamps when considering a lighting system's impact on the environment, and that gap is expected to grow significantly as technology and manufacturing methods improve. Comprehensive reports analysis available from the US Department of Energy indicates technological advancements in the near future will help [...]

Too big to save: Why businesses resist energy efficiency

Many businesses resist energy efficiency by not making simple changes that could save big bucks, new research finds. Here’s why – and what must be done to fix the problem Lighting efficiency isn’t a lot of fun. Businesses resist energy efficiency measures such as installing LED lighting. We know it is hard for businesses [...]