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Jonker Honda: LED Lighting Upgrade Reduces Their Carbon Footprint

Jonker Honda in Langley, BC is an early sustainability champion among auto dealerships regarding the use of LED technology to greatly reduce their business operations global CO2 emissions. The lighting upgrade will also reward them with decades of significant savings from their facilities operations costs. Jonker Honda in Langley, BC is an early [...]

How LED Lighting Reduces Facilities HVAC Cooling Costs

Lighting is one of the most significant expenses in operating a building.  Typically, lighting is actually the largest cost component of a commercial buildings energy bill. In comparison to other energy costs, electricity consumed by your existing lighting very likely consumes the most electricity out of all other components in your facility. Energy efficient [...]

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5 Steps for Guaranteeing the Best LED Retrofit or Upgrade

Rapid growth in LED technology has brought good news for energy managers in industrial facilities, as they have more options than ever before in planning a facility LED retrofit. Finding high-quality fixtures that reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs is easier today than it was several years ago. The bad news is that [...]

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Too big to save: Why do businesses resist energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency projects like upgrading to LED lighting, is hard for businesses to push up their "to do" list when there are dozens of competing priorities: sales to make, customers to meet, and suppliers to chase. It is especially difficult for small and medium-sized companies, where very often no single individual has specific responsibility [...]

The Health Benefits of Switching From Fluorescent to LED Lighting

There is a lot in the news about the cost benefits of LED lighting, but did you know that switching to LED can also benefit your health? This post explains how.   Why Fluorescent Lighting is Damaging to Your Health Originally fluorescent lighting was never meant to be used in industrial or commercial settings. When [...]

2017-06-25T14:06:46+00:00 May 15th, 2017|Energy Saving, LED Benefits, LED Conversions|

How to calculate energy savings for lighting only: A step-by-step guide

Lighting-only energy savings is essentially the money you save from the simple wattage reduction when switching to more efficient lighting products. A “lighting-only” number is a good place to start because it is the most conservative savings calculation in a lighting retrofit and it represents the bulk of the savings you will capture on most retrofit [...]

LED Lighting and the Bottom Line

There are a number of studies in the 90s that have covered the subject of lighting and workplace productivity. These findings are widely known but it pre-dates current high-performance LEDs. Frequently mentioned productivity killers are: lack of focused light, uncontrollable brightness, and mood inhibitors caused by unnatural color temperatures. Much of the recent research continues [...]

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The Truth In The Life Of A Metal Halide Bulb

All metal halide bulbs have a relatively short life span compared to new technologies that are available today. This post is going to explain the situation which you may not realize if you are the owner of metal halide fixtures. Many warehouses, showrooms, wholesale and retail businesses use 400 watt metal halide lighting.   400 [...]

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LED Lighting: A Financial & Socially Responsible “No – Brainer”

The financial and social responsibility business case for corporations and smaller private businesses to upgrade their existing lighting systems to LED lighting technology has become so compelling that companies must examine their strategies in this area. Any business that is not actively pursuing an LED lighting upgrade should be questioning the fiscal and social responsibility [...]

2017-04-26T16:43:05+00:00 October 6th, 2016|LED Conversions|

Make Informed Decisions: Inaction to a LED upgrade proposal

Your company has been presented with a lighting energy analysis and an estimate which projects annual energy consumption, operational costs and system emission reductions of up to +60% with minimal to zero maintenance for up to +20 years and now it is time to make informed decisions and upgrade your obsolete lighting system to LED. [...]

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