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Effective and efficient lighting for any office space

Offices have changed over the years. Once single-use spaces, offices are now often multi-use facilities that depend on the availability of sophisticated and dynamic resources — especially lighting. Organizations must work harder than ever to support many different activities and many different types of workers.
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Increased Productivity and Employee Well Being

Today, office designers and managers increasingly focus on employee productivity and well-being, in addition to energy and operational efficiency. Metcalfe Lighting enables businesses to achieve these diverse goals.

Controls and connectivity mean that lighting can be personalized at an individual level, while at the same time reducing energy use and lowering maintenance costs. With the push towards sustainable, green buildings, the right lighting also supports sustainability goals while improving the working environment for those in the office.

For instance, about two-thirds (67 percent) of buyers cited an “inviting, modern and well-organized showroom” as being pivotal in their decision.

LED lighting makes the entire showroom ‘pop’, appearing very bright and ‘clean’, with high color accuracy of every car’s color.

We’ve saved car dealership owners up to 90% in total annual lighting savings, and can often receive significant cash incentives to help pay for your project from your local utility company. Let us prove that we can do the same for you!

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